How to clean deer liver for cooking or freezing

Venison liver is often one for the first meals prepped from the animal after a successful hunt. Personally, I’d go with the tenderloin first. Nothing wrong with starting with the liver, but I prefer to do a little prep on it before I use it, which will take a day or two. The liver is a … Continue reading “How to clean deer liver for cooking or freezing”

Twelve Methods of Removing Gamy Flavor Put to the Test

Gamy venison (or gamey, depending on your preferred spelling). Nobody likes it. There are some people who claim they do – but I say that they probably haven’t had a truly gamy piece of meat. Yes, venison tastes different than beef or pork. But different doesn’t mean “gamy”, and most deer you eat, if properly handled … Continue reading “Twelve Methods of Removing Gamy Flavor Put to the Test”

Five Tips on Skinning Deer

To paraphrase an old idiom, there’s more than one way to skin a deer. Similar to field dressing and butchering, if you take a minimalist approach, the only thing you need is a sharp knife. Also similar to field dressing and butchering, the job will go a lot smoother if you have more tools available … Continue reading “Five Tips on Skinning Deer”

Five Tips on Field Dressing Deer

Google “how to field dress a deer”, and you will get “about 848,000” results. And probably about 848,000 different ways to do it. Field dressing a deer at it’s simplest only requires three things: you, a sharp knife, and a deer. You make a slice along the abdominal cavity, and pull everything out as carefully … Continue reading “Five Tips on Field Dressing Deer”