Venison Stock/Bone Broth with Vegetables

I’ll admit, I get a little obsessive sometimes when it comes to fully utilizing my deer. I hate to see anything go to “waste”. I quote “waste” since technically my wild feathered and furred friends will get anything that I don’t personally use. But still, I get a little angst anytime some part doesn’t make … Continue reading “Venison Stock/Bone Broth with Vegetables”

Homemade Deer Suet – Make deer fat into bird suet

Deer fat. It doesn’t taste particularly good. To us humans anyway. Yet some deer will have a lot. I’ve pulled almost 20 pounds of almost pure fat off a large deer that seemed to be bulking up for a rough winter. Most of the fat on a deer is used as an insulation and energy … Continue reading “Homemade Deer Suet – Make deer fat into bird suet”

Venison Pasty – The perfect camp meal

Let’s start with pronunciation. It’s “past” with the short a, not “paste” with the long a. If you got here on a search for the other “pasty”, you’ll be sadly disappointed. Pasties originated in the UK, Cornwall specifically, as a common meal for coal miners. Today, they seem to have a central home in the … Continue reading “Venison Pasty – The perfect camp meal”

Easy Venison Crockpot Tacos

Who doesn’t like tacos? The only reasonable excuse someone could give for not liking them is that they are messy. Well, that’s why napkins were invented. As to flavors, one of the great things about tacos is there are a million ways to make them, so it’s easy to tailor them to your preferences. And … Continue reading “Easy Venison Crockpot Tacos”

Venison Chili – and don’t forget the Cornbread!

If you hunt, I’m willing to bet you make chili too. And I know, I know, you already make the BEST chili. Wait, why are you searching online for “venison chili recipes” then? One of the reasons I like making chili is that it’s like a science experiment that can’t go wrong. Well, assuming you … Continue reading “Venison Chili – and don’t forget the Cornbread!”

How to Cook Venison Sous Vide for a Perfect Roast

I hate cooking roast venison (or even beef for that matter). As a roast in the oven that is. I always overcook them. Or they end up as flavorless blobs of meat. I know, that’s why gravy was invented. It’s really a matter of more practice, but you know how it goes – if something doesn’t … Continue reading “How to Cook Venison Sous Vide for a Perfect Roast”

Venison Pot Pie – Braised Venison in a Crispy Crust

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge pastry fan. For my apple pie, PLEASE give me a crumb top – or better yet, just give me apple crisp! But when it comes to a more savory dish like braised venison and vegetables in gravy – there is something about a crispy crust on a venison pot … Continue reading “Venison Pot Pie – Braised Venison in a Crispy Crust”

Venison Shank Osso Buco

Let’s start out with what the shanks are. The shanks are the forelegs. There’s a lot of bone, a lot of tendons, and not a lot of meat. If you process your own deer, as you break down the quarters, you get to the shank and think: “ugh, there is NO WAY I can get any … Continue reading “Venison Shank Osso Buco”

Venison Swiss Steak – From Tough to Tender

Swiss steak is one of my wife’s favorite wintertime meals. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this is one of her favorite venison recipes as well. Between the deer and the vegetables, I typically make this mostly with ingredients we’ve grown or collected ourselves – with the exception of the spices and noodles. Fine, and … Continue reading “Venison Swiss Steak – From Tough to Tender”

Crockpot Venison Beef and Broccoli

Ok, there is no beef in this venison beef and broccoli. But “venison and broccoli” just doesn’t conjure up the same pretty picture in our minds that we always see in the menus of the local chinese restaurants. This recipe pulls off those same flavors, with minimal prep – and because it’s cooked in the … Continue reading “Crockpot Venison Beef and Broccoli”