Homemade Deer Suet – Make deer fat into bird suet

Deer fat. It doesn’t taste particularly good. To us humans anyway. Yet some deer will have a lot. I’ve pulled almost 20 pounds of almost pure fat off a large deer that seemed to be bulking up for a rough winter. Most of the fat on a deer is used as an insulation and energy … Continue reading “Homemade Deer Suet – Make deer fat into bird suet”

Pickled Venison Heart

When field dressing a deer, you are going to need to make some important decisions: what parts to take, and what to leave behind. Hunters can debate for hours over what they think is worthwhile, but I think many will agree, you MUST take the heart and the liver. Here, we’ll focus on the heart. The … Continue reading “Pickled Venison Heart”

Homemade Venison Liverwurst Recipe

While I enjoy some pan fried venison liver and onions, I also like variety. And if that variety involves sandwiches of some sort, well, sign me up! This recipe for homemade venison liverwurst may not be for everyone, but it does hit the mark when comparing it to a commercially made liverwurst. Now, I’ll give … Continue reading “Homemade Venison Liverwurst Recipe”

Pan Fried Venison Liver and Onions

If you know about the origins of Venison Thursday, this particular meal is not one you want to start with. UNLESS.. (there’s always a caveat to most things in life now, isn’t there?) Unless your meal guests like liver. I believe in harvesting as much from my deer as humanly possible. While there are a … Continue reading “Pan Fried Venison Liver and Onions”