Using Nitrites in Curing Meat

Nitrites and nitrates in curing meat have gotten a bad rap over the years. For everything you read out there telling you to avoid it, you can find just as many articles telling you it’s safe. I’m not going to go on here about what is right or what is wrong. What I will tell … Continue reading “Using Nitrites in Curing Meat”

Brining Venison – Add flavor and tenderize in one step.

When working with wild game, a common technique to “enhance” or “adjust” the flavor is to brine it. This is actually true with a lot of commercial meat as well, it just happens before you see it. For the most part, brining is soaking meat in a salt water/seasoning mixture for some time period. For … Continue reading “Brining Venison – Add flavor and tenderize in one step.”