Homemade Deer Suet – Make deer fat into bird suet

Deer fat. It doesn’t taste particularly good. To us humans anyway. Yet some deer will have a lot. I’ve pulled almost 20 pounds of almost pure fat off a large deer that seemed to be bulking up for a rough winter. Most of the fat on a deer is used as an insulation and energy … Continue reading “Homemade Deer Suet – Make deer fat into bird suet”

Five Tips on Field Dressing Deer

Google “how to field dress a deer”, and you will get “about 848,000” results. And probably about 848,000 different ways to do it. Field dressing a deer at it’s simplest only requires three things: you, a sharp knife, and a deer. You make a slice along the abdominal cavity, and pull everything out as carefully … Continue reading “Five Tips on Field Dressing Deer”