Homemade Venison Liverwurst Recipe

While I enjoy some pan fried venison liver and onions, I also like variety. And if that variety involves sandwiches of some sort, well, sign me up! This recipe for homemade venison liverwurst may not be for everyone, but it does hit the mark when comparing it to a commercially made liverwurst. Now, I’ll give … Continue reading “Homemade Venison Liverwurst Recipe”

A Meat Grinder For Hunters

Over the years, there has been a gradual shift in the way I process my deer as I get it in the freezer. In the beginning, we made sausage out of everything except the loins and tenderloins. And we did it all in one session. With a manual meat grinder. Never. Again. Lessons learned: Grinding … Continue reading “A Meat Grinder For Hunters”