Venison Parmesan – Fried Italian Awesomeness

While I come from a family of hunters, I didn’t start hunting till I was in my mid 20’s. My father passed away when I was young, and we had moved around the state as I was growing up, so I wasn’t geographically near my family that did hunt. I can recall stories of us … Continue reading “Venison Parmesan – Fried Italian Awesomeness”

Venison Burgers – Skip the fat, use a binder

When you process a deer, you will always end up with some meat that is destined for the grinder. Making venison burger is an expectation for most families, some will even grind the whole deer before they freeze it, making it an easy meal ingredient when needed throughout the year. I often struggle through some internal … Continue reading “Venison Burgers – Skip the fat, use a binder”

Corned Venison Hash with Dried Potatoes

I know what your thinking: Is he REALLY going to tell us how to fry some potatoes and meat? Umm, well yes. Yes I am! Actually, this is more about sharing what can go wrong when making corned beef hash from corned venison. But of course I’ll be sharing an easy recipe too! I’ve talked … Continue reading “Corned Venison Hash with Dried Potatoes”

The Best Steak Sandwich – Venison Tenderloin

Some people may think me a bit crazy. “Venison tenderloin?! In a sandwich?! What a waste!” Many hunters only ever have the tenderloin as a quick grilled roast, and I have nothing against that. What I will say is, making a sandwich with the best ingredients will give you a meal you will remember. The … Continue reading “The Best Steak Sandwich – Venison Tenderloin”

Pan Fried Venison Liver and Onions

If you know about the origins of Venison Thursday, this particular meal is not one you want to start with. UNLESS.. (there’s always a caveat to most things in life now, isn’t there?) Unless your meal guests like liver. I believe in harvesting as much from my deer as humanly possible. While there are a … Continue reading “Pan Fried Venison Liver and Onions”

Cooking with Cast Iron Pans

Cooking on cast iron brings to mind nostalgic images of cowboys cooking over an open fire, stars shining, someone strumming a few guitar chords as the day winds to an end… Ok, hold on. I never ONCE saw anyone try to clean one of those pans in those old westerns I saw as a kid! … Continue reading “Cooking with Cast Iron Pans”