Venison Chili – and don’t forget the Cornbread!

If you hunt, I’m willing to bet you make chili too. And I know, I know, you already make the BEST chili. Wait, why are you searching online for “venison chili recipes” then? One of the reasons I like making chili is that it’s like a science experiment that can’t go wrong. Well, assuming you … Continue reading “Venison Chili – and don’t forget the Cornbread!”

How to Cook Venison Sous Vide for a Perfect Roast

I hate cooking roast venison (or even beef for that matter). As a roast in the oven that is. I always overcook them. Or they end up as flavorless blobs of meat. I know, that’s why gravy was invented. It’s really a matter of more practice, but you know how it goes – if something doesn’t … Continue reading “How to Cook Venison Sous Vide for a Perfect Roast”

Venison Pot Pie – Braised Venison in a Crispy Crust

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge pastry fan. For my apple pie, PLEASE give me a crumb top – or better yet, just give me apple crisp! But when it comes to a more savory dish like braised venison and vegetables in gravy – there is something about a crispy crust on a venison pot … Continue reading “Venison Pot Pie – Braised Venison in a Crispy Crust”

Venison Shank Osso Buco

Let’s start out with what the shanks are. The shanks are the forelegs. There’s a lot of bone, a lot of tendons, and not a lot of meat. If you process your own deer, as you break down the quarters, you get to the shank and think: “ugh, there is NO WAY I can get any … Continue reading “Venison Shank Osso Buco”

Venison Swiss Steak – From Tough to Tender

Swiss steak is one of my wife’s favorite wintertime meals. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this is one of her favorite venison recipes as well. Between the deer and the vegetables, I typically make this mostly with ingredients we’ve grown or collected ourselves – with the exception of the spices and noodles. Fine, and … Continue reading “Venison Swiss Steak – From Tough to Tender”

Dutch Oven Venison Stew

I’ve never viewed a recipe as a hard and fast rule. Then again, I’m not much of a baker. In learning how to cook venison, you will become a better chef by learning how you can twist recipes to suit your needs. You can make this venison stew recipe exactly as I lay it out … Continue reading “Dutch Oven Venison Stew”