Corned Venison Hash with Dried Potatoes

I know what your thinking: Is he REALLY going to tell us how to fry some potatoes and meat? Umm, well yes. Yes I am! Actually, this is more about sharing what can go wrong when making corned beef hash from corned venison. But of course I’ll be sharing an easy recipe too! I’ve talked … Continue reading “Corned Venison Hash with Dried Potatoes”

Beer Braised Corned Venison Recipe

So you have corned the beast. Now we need to cook it to turn it into a corned venison meal. Because venison is so lean, you have to be careful at this step. If you do a standard boil, and you boil it a bit too long, you’ll end up with some shredded, dry meat … Continue reading “Beer Braised Corned Venison Recipe”